About John Callaghan

We all live in a world of evolution where there is constant change, fashion, styles, environment and most importantly ourselves, we all live with this. My art is the same, preferring to paint things of motion with much of my artwork being painted freehand with little use of stencils.

After all these years I am still absorbed in my painting and new projects involving Aviation, Models, Mannequins, Computers, Memorials, Urns & Coffins, Guitars and Portraits.

I am also an avid collector and restorer of vintage airbrushes with a collection going back to 1885 to present day and have a wealth of information on the subject of airbrushing through the ages. Keep an eye on my blog to see what I am up to.


An accomplished airbrush artist based in Essex, working by commission for over 45 years on many varied projects.

My career was formed from when I was a youngster restoring my own motorcycles and cars but was known mainly for being an artist both commercial and pleasure. I soon found my passion for airbrushing in my 20s and eventually packed in my day job as an illustrator and rented a unit where I airbrushed on motorcycles, crash helmets, American cars and automobilia which I would sell to local garages and from auto jumbles.

My business started to escalate in the 1990s with with regular venues and shows where my work started to win prizes. I was soon asked by Ford Motor Company to start an airbrush school of art on their EDAP scheme for their employees, I was then backed by Devilbiss Aerograph who supplied me with the equipment needed for my tuition.

I was then contacted by the Essex Chronicle news paper who ran a story on my work, from this I had a phone call from a local businessman who asked me to paint large wall murals starting with two bowling alleys, then the snooker room, bars, football club and children’s play areas, I am still working on these projects now.