Kev – Airbrush Training

I am writing this letter to you to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Since meeting you, my own personal work, has improved out of site. Whilst i realize it will never compare to your own work, i am non the less over the moon with the way things have and are progressing. Your classes, and the one on ones, we have had, have been some of the most rewarding hours i have ever spent. I love the way you take all my stupid inane questions in your stride and then show me exactly what it is i want to know and make it all look so easy both to follow and understand. One of the most interesting hours spent with yourself and the lovely Mel, was the time you spent breaking down the parts of the airbrush and explaining things i never knew, now i can set it up exactly the way i want it for great results nearly all the time, sounds daft i know, but no one ever really explained the workings for me as you did, its like the airbrush has become a part of me instead of a broken limb flapping about doing what it wants instead of the other way round.

Once again John, thank you, Your a true gentleman.